Privacy Policy

Our policies are designed to create a safe and fair environment for all Proshop members.

Learning what's allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable,trustworthy members.

Rules for buyers :

Buyers have obligations too.

Bid responsibly, always pay for purchases, and follow our buyer guidelines.

Top policies :

Invalid bid retraction policy

Did you bid on an item by mistake? Learn when we let you cancel a bid.

Unpaid item policy

We require buyers to pay for items that they commit to purchase.

All about Feedback policies

Our guidelines are designed to encourage open and honest Feedback about experiences with Proshop members.

Prohibited and restricted items

Before buying an item, make sure we allow it on Proshop.

Get an overview of items that are prohibited or subject to restrictions.

Trust and Safety tutorials :

These interactive tutorials can help you comply with Proshop policies, stay safe when buying and increase your overall knowledge of proshop.

Contact Customer Service

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.