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Brand: Urgo
Product Number: 1325371001

Hydro-detersive dressing Absorbent.
- UrgoClean Dressing is a sterile, non-woven dress made of hydro-detergent (polyacrylate) fibers with a high level of absorption and cohesion.
- This unique innovation consists in crossing polyacrylate fibers in a plane parallel to the wound in a structural arrangement which gives Urgoclean its properties of absorption and trapping of the fibrinous residues of the wound and of tensile strength .
- This hydro-detergent compress is coated with a micro-adhering lipid-colloid matrix (TLC-contact) which gels to facilitate the drainage of the fibrinous residues, the positioning and the removal of the product.
- On contact with the exudates, the lipidocolloid particles resulting from the TLC-contact gel to create a moist environment favorable to debridement.
- Concomitantly, polyacrylate hydro-detergent fibers gel and attach to fibrinous residues, absorb and drain them to facilitate elimination.
- Consequently, the attachment and drainage of the fibrinous residues by the hydro-detergent structure Urgoclean associated with its TLC-Contact favor the phase of debridement of the fibrinous wounds.
- Box of 16

L.10 x 1.6 cm

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