• Desinfecting Wipes Wip'Anios Excel

General informations
Brand: Anios
Product Number: 1213031001

Wip'Anios Excel wipes for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and medical devices, non-immersible materials, incubators, surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs (eg wiping endoscopic ducts before immersion).

Technical characteristics :
- Treatment of medical devices
- Impregnation solution: formulated without CMR substance, fragrance-free, alcohol-free
- Large virucidal spectrum
- 100% biodegradable viscose wipe

How to use Wip'Anios Excel disinfecting wipes:
- Ready-to-use, single use wipe.
- Apply the wipe to the surface to be treated.
- Let dry.
- Do not rinse.

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Desinfecting Wipes Wip'Anios Excel

  • Product Code: 1213031001
  • Availability: 15-20 Opening Days
  • Rs250.00

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